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D-Day Airborne Landing Metal Bookmark


D-Day. The invasion began with 13,100 soldiers being dropped by parachutes behind enemy lines in Normandy.  All hell broke out as bad weather, fog and faulty navigators dispersed the troops widely. Still, they fought bravely and made a tangible difference to the success of the invasion.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower speaking with First lieutenant Wallace C. Strobel and men of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment on June 5, 1944. The placard around Strobel's neck indicates he is the jumpmaster for chalk 23 of the 438th TCG. Strobel's battalion was the first to drop into Normandy.

Finish: Solid brass, electro-plated with non-tarnishing hematite finish, giclee print
Dimensions: Approx. 1.25" W x 3.75" L (Packaged in Recycled PET Plastic Sleeve with Provenance Card)

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