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The New York Transit Museum: Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal is a Beaux-Arts gem with monumental spaces and meticulously designed details. Capturing the facade in an ornament was a distinct pleasure.

This ornament is exclusive to the Transit Museum and can be purchased at:


Wings Over the Rockies: A Special Runway


The Lowry 1941 unique runway ornament, made only for Wings Over the Rockies, represents the rich history of the Lowry community and the bright future of the museum. It is dedicated to all the men and women who served at Lowry Air Force Base from 1937 to 1994.

This ornament is exclusive for Wings over the Rockies and can be purchased at:


9/11 Memorial & Museum: Capturing an essence.

A Christmas tree holds memories, both joyful and bittersweet. The ornaments for the 9/11 Memorial Museum allow us to reflect on this event that transformed our world.

These ornaments are exclusive to the 9/ll Memorial and can be purchased at:


The Kennedy Center: An ornament for creatives.

Not only is Washington DC the seat of government, but it also has a vibrant cultural life. The Kennedy Center brings over 2,000 performances annually ...

This ornament is an exclusive for the Kennedy Center and can be purchased at:


Valparaiso University: An Annual Ornament

Located on 350 acres in Indiana, Valparaiso University’s annual ornament features notable buildings on the campus.

This ornament is an exclusive to Valparaiso University and can be purchased at:


Texas State Parks: An Exclusive Design 



An annual ornament celebrating the Texas State Parks.

This ornament is an exclusive for the Texas State Parks and can be purchased at:


 The Metropolitan Opera: A Decorated Christmas Tree


How do you squeeze the Metropolitan Opera into an ornament? By decorating a Christmas Tree with musical icons. And yes, the name helps.

This ornament is an exclusive for the Metropolitan Opera and can be purchased at:


A Literary Ornament: Christmas Stories

The stories of Christmas lie at the heart of the celebration. Who can forget Scrooge or the Grinch? We’ve stacked a collection of these great books into an impromptu tree, celebrating Christmas.

This ornament is available for custom adaptation. Please send inquires to



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